In order to make the Ferry Beach weekend as pleasant and safe as possible for all participants, the Ferry Beach Planning Committee urges everyone to be particularly aware of the following rules and policies as well as several recommendations for safe behavior.  Please read the Ferry Beach Association Policies  that inform the Family Retreat covenants listed below:

  • Ferry Beach has a new policy that all children under the age of 18 must be under adult supervision at all times (even “after hours”), except for teens aged 13-17 whose families have signed the Teen Waiver.  (We ask all parents of teens to complete and submit this form as part of registration.)  Note that younger children may not be left under teen supervision, but rather must have an actual adult who is specifically monitoring them at all times.


  • Every participant is responsible for clean-up throughout the weekend, especially evenings in the dining hall and other public spaces, and at all times in the restrooms.  Parents, please help your children/youth to clean up after themselves (trips to the bathroom in sandy wet beachwear can be a particular problem).


  • Quiet hours from 11:00 p.m. – 8:00 a.m. throughout the campus, including the campground and tennis/basketball courts.  After 11:00 p.m., no one under 18 is allowed on the beach.  Also, no one under the age of 18 is permitted on the beach at anytime without an adult present.  Being in the water is allowed only when a lifeguard is on duty. 


  • Ferry Beach Park Association Rules prohibit drinking alcoholic beverages except in public areas like the porches or in the dining hall (individual lodging spaces are not considered public areas).  Due to our insurance restrictions, only wine or beer are allowed.  Underage drinking (under 21) is strictly prohibited.  There is no alcohol allowed on the beach, by anyone at any time (state law).  The Ziegler Room in Rowland is always an alcohol free area. Adults are reminded that they are being observed and emulated by younger adults and teens; and teens and young adults are always modeling for younger kids. Please be aware of this dynamic, and assume some responsibility for those around you in all situations. Violation of Maine law may be cause for the Committee to request that individuals involved in such violations leave Ferry Beach immediately.


  • The Ziegler Room is available during the day for older youth or young adults to gather if their family has submitted the Teen Waiver, but closed during quiet hours (11pm-8am).  There is no sleeping allowed in the Ziegler Room.


  • The Quillen Lobby and Dolphin Room (former dining hall) are open to all as places to hang out, as is the current dining hall.  We hope that having places where older youth and young adults may gather even late at night will help to avoid the dangerous situation of minors on the beach at that time, and be conducive to the Ferry Beach friendships that young people have enjoyed over the years.  It is up to parents and sponsors to determine if and when their youth are permitted in these spaces, and to monitor or supervise their use of these areas.


In general, all families/sponsors need to make clear plans with their children and youth for knowing where each other are and what they are doing at all times. It’s just as important for youth/children to be able to find their adults as vice versa!!  Again, remember the Ferry Beach requirement that children be under the supervision of an adult at all times. 

We remind everyone that our continued use of the Ferry Beach campus for our annual retreat depends on how we take care of the campus and follow the rules of the community.  No one wants the actions of a few to jeopardize that for all.