When you register for the weekend, you will be asked to make a first and second choice of type of lodging, and pay for your first choice with your registration.  If we cannot accommodate your first choice, we will settle up afterwards, whether you are due a refund or need to pay additional fees for a different choice.  

If you wish to share a larger cottage with another family or group, please discuss with your friends and have each family/group indicate the other on your forms so you all can be considered together.  

Similarly, please indicate your preference for roommates for a dorm room.  As usual, it is unlikely that we will have singles available in the dorms.  

We are hopeful of being able to accommodate everyone who wishes to stay on campus in their preferred lodging, but will ask for your patience for a few days as we figure out the rooming for both Concord and Lexington after registration closes.  We will need to use most, if not all, of the various Cottages in order to fit our usual sized group in, so please consider carefully if one of those could be a good option for you.  We will do our best to cover scholarship requests, as always.

 Several other changes to be aware of:

_ We CAN NO LONGER prorate fees if you plan to stay overnight only part of the weekend.  We can only register day visitors, not staying the night, and they will need to register in advance and pay a day-use and meal fee.

— Ferry Beach Center is requiring a bit more supervision of children – children under 13 MUST be supervised by an adult at all times.  Families will need to sign a waiver to allow their teens aged 13-17 to be able to meet in unsupervised spaces on campus (e.g. in the Ziegler Room, or rehearsing in Rowland).  Note, younger children may not be left under the supervision of teens – they must be supervised by an adult.  

 — In order to be served meals in DeWolfe dining hall, everyone must wear a wrist band through the weekend.  These will be distributed at check-in.  

— We cannot bring outside food, especially meals, into the DeWolfe Dining Hall.  An exception is store-bought, packaged snacks (like chips or cookies) that may be brought in and consumed there between meals or in the evening.  

— Ferry Beach can generally handle dietary needs for folks who are vegetarian, vegan, gluten free or lactose intolerant – IF we know in advance.  We plan to work with the Chef to make it a nut-free weekend, as we did last year.  Other dietary needs may not be able to be accommodated, and in that case, those people may bring their own food into DeWolfe to supplement meals (there is a refrigerator there as well).  

— Dorm entrances will be locked at all times and opened with a key pad code.  All will be given the code and it will be the same for all three dorms.  Cottages can be locked from the inside, but there are no keys to open them from the outside.  (So e.g., can be locked when all are in for the night.)