May 4, 2019
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
First Parish in Lexington

The first ever First Parish Bake Off is coming! Desserts of all kinds: to bring, to taste, to buy. Whip up your favorite delight and enter it into the contest. Tastings for all; judging by some; prizes for all kids and best in show for each category. Bake Off entrants can be children, adults, and child/adult teams.

Not into sweets? Then come for games and crafts for the kidsjewelry and hand-made artisan boutiquescraft beer and refreshments, and raffle prizesincluding a 15-person brewery tour at Mighty Squirrel Brewery in Waltham.


You can purchase tickets at the door, during Sunday social hour, or from the church office — $20/adult, $10/child, $60/family pack. Tickets include entry into the bake-off, tasting the delectable entries, and a starter pack of tickets for the kids games and crafts. Each adult or family ticket purchase by a First Parish person will include a family pack of tickets to invite one non-First Parish family to the Bake Off.




For bakers: 

How do I sign up to be a baker? 
Complete the baker entry form or email

How much does it cost to enter the bake-off? 
Contestants must buy a ticket to the event – $10 per child, $20 per adult, $60 max per family. There is no additional cost to enter the competition.  Multiple members of each family may enter.

Can I bake anything I want? 
Almost!  This is a dessert bake off. No nuts and nothing that requires refrigeration. Whatever you choose to bake, you will need to turn it into bite size tastes for everyone to enjoy.

How much should I bake? 
5 dozen bite sized tastes (small cookies, bars, mini cupcakes OR larger items cut into 5 dozen pieces) PLUS one small box of your baked goods which will be sold to benefit the event.  The sale box will hold approximately 12 cookies or 6 cupcakes.

Can children sign up to be bakers? 
Yes!  Children can bake on their own or in adult-child teams.

Can adults help children who enter?

For children who enter as individuals, the child should do the baking on his/her/their own with a grown-up assisting only for safety as needed.  For adult-child teams, the adult and child work together with the adult doing as much or as little as desired in the team.

What will the display space be like?

Each baker will have one-third of a long table that is used at social hour (approx. 30 in x 6 ft). Tables will be covered in a paper table cloth.  Please bring whatever display dishware you need with you and be sure to label it with your full name.

When do I have to be there?

Please plan to arrive at 1:15pm on the day of the event to find your space and set up your display.  Doors open and judging will start at 2 pm sharp.

Will there be judges and prizes? 
Yes!  Prize to the top contestant in each age category.  Volunteer judges will choose a winner based on flavor, baking technique, and decoration.  Honorable mention recognition for best chocolate, most creative, best traditional, and more.

How can I get more information?



For attendees:

Will I be able to taste what the bakers make? 
Yes! Bakers will bring dozens of bite-sized samples for event attendees to taste.

What else will be for sale at the event? 
Baked goods, artisan wares, raffle tickets and craft beer.

With there be food and drink at the event? 

Will there be activities for children?  
Yes.  In addition to sampling the baked goods, there will be games to play and crafts to make.

How much does it cost to attend? 
$10 per child, $20 per adult, $60 max per family

Since we’re not having Mayfair this year, what can I do with everything that I was planning to donate to Mayfair?

Two organizations that will accept a wide variety of donations are HouseHold Goods in Acton and Restoration Project in Belmont.


See you there!

Your First Parish Bake-Off Committee: Debbie Armstrong, Jennifer Koch, Marty Kvaal, Joanne Poage, Tom Rich, Lisa Maria Steinberg, and Jon Trementozzi,