Position : Worship Tech Manager

Main Contact : Senior Minister

Status : Remote, Independent Contractor

Rate : $20/hr, with a minimum of 5 hours per week (inclusive of Sunday morning)


The Worship Tech Manager will be the primary Zoom host during on-line Sunday worship services, acting remotely with their own equipment. This position is expected to last through August 2021, and has the option to continue into Fall 2021 if we are still remote, or transition into an in-house Worship Media Manager when First Parish resumes on-site services.

Job Description: MS Word, Google Doc, PDF.


  • Manage Zoom hosting of Sunday services, including sharing of video, audio, and slide deck. Spotlight speakers as needed. Provide smooth transitions between worship segments.  
  • Work with other staff and volunteers, to include but not limited to: Minister, Director of Music, Director of Religious Education and Family Ministry, Worship Associates, Video Creators, Chat Chaplain, Membership Committee
  • During services, manage muting and room security, including admitting people from waiting room
  • Record Zoom worship services, edit, and then post onto the church’s YouTube Channel on Sundays
  • Livestream Zoom worship direct to the church’s YouTube and Facebook channels through a restreaming platform
  • Stay updated to changes in features/functionality on Zoom and communicate these changes to staff team
  • Create breakout rooms after worship, composed as requested by Members and Friends Team
  • Edit videos other than worship and upload to church’s YouTube Channel, as requested (i.e. a recorded adult education workshop, cleaned up at the ends)
  • Archive backups of content in a cloud server


  • Possess reasonably up-to-date Windows or Macintosh system with Webcam and microphone
  • Ability to play video and audio files
  • Reliable and good network access
  • Consistent availability from 9:30 AM to 12:00 PM (EST) every Sunday morning
  • Extended Sunday availability to 12:30 as requested for special meetings/events
  • Available for 1-3 hours of “prep time” on weekdays to work with worship leaders to understand media needed for each service
  • Knowledge of:
    • Zoom Hosting
    • Google Drive/Docs/Sheets/Presentations
    • YouTube and Facebook
    • Video playback
    • Audio playback
    • Basic video editing (although advanced video editing a plus)
    • Support the worship goals of Ministry Staff

Education & Experience:

  • High school diploma or GED equivalent
  • Experience using the technology required

How to Apply:

Send your resume and cover letter to our Parish Administrator at Admin@FPLex.org.