First Parish Annual Pledge Drive

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Pledge Drive?

The Annual Pledge Drive is when all First Parish members and friends make a commitment to the church to donate funds to First Parish for the church year that begins on July 1 every year.

Why is it important?

Did you know that over 70% of our budget comes from our annual Pledge Drive? Our pledges enable us to build the church we want.

Who participates?

All members and friends contribute. We expect members and long-time friends (non-members) to pledge.  We also welcome pledges from the wider community.

 How much should I pledge?

The amount you pledge of course depends on your household’s financial situation. Following guidelines for churches like ours, we encourage active and committed donors to pledge at least $3,000, moderated by financial situation.

How do I pledge?

Pledge cards will be mailed to you in early March. Every year on Celebration Sunday, March 18 in 2018, please bring your completed pledge card to church.  We accept new pledges all year round.  You can contact us by email below or pledge online.

Where does the pledge money go?

The annual pledge drive contributes about 70% of the funds that provide worship and music on Sundays, pastoral care throughout the year, children and adult religious education programming, and community outreach.

Why should I pledge if I already give through the offering plate?

Contributions in the offering plate are of course welcome, but pledges are necessary so we can estimate our income and develop a budget for the upcoming church year.

When do I fulfill my pledge?

Pledges made in February or March 2018 should be paid during the 2018/2019 church year (July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019).

Who is driving the Stewardship Pledge Drive this year?

The Stewardship Planning Team members are:

  • Bob Coyne
  • Marsha Fox
  • Elisabeth Jas
  • Katie O’Hare-Gibson
  • Erik Svenson
  • Tom Rich

Got questions or comments?

Contact the Stewardship Planning Team by sending email to