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Book Group on Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer via Zoom Presented by the Climate Action Team and lead by Jane Beswick and Bobbie Hodson. Braiding Sweetgrass, written by a biologist who is a member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation, examines the spirituality of living peacefully with nature. This book examines our UU principles include the search for truth, our journey to dismantle racism and oppression, our call to recognize the interrelationship of all, and our belief in the worth and dignity of everyone; Additionally, reading this book will give us another perspective of ways of being more connected to the earth and its other species. This is a book of sacred and wisdom written by a woman who can interweave indigenous thought, knowledge and history with scientific truths. “When we heal the earth we heal ourselves” We hope you’ll join us for all five sessions, but we recognize that life gets in the way.

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Our collaborations with industry involve sharing hardware, software, interfaces and methods to support the development of charismatic robots in manufacturing, workplaces, and common everyday environments. To achieve this, we regularly deploy robots in naturalistic human settings. The presentation will focus on recent developments and prospects for the future.

Professor Heather Knight is the director of the CHARISMA (Collaborative Humans and Robotics: Interaction, Sociability, Machine learning and Art) robotics lab at Oregon State University. The lab’s purpose is to advance the field of human-robot interactions. Inspired by methods and practices taken from entertainment settings, we develop approaches to robotic design and software that are able to describe the behaviors of robots interacting with people – often referred to as “social robotics”. Her research interests include minimal social robots, multi-robot / multi-human social interactions, and entertainment robots.