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Whether you are listening to music or composing it, viewing a painting or designing it, eating a gourmet meal or cooking it, your brain is seeking beauty, constructing art. The drive to create and experience art—with little apparent survival benefit for the species— is one of the most distinctive things about humans: there are no known cultures where art and music and artful cooking are not central to the fabric of the culture itself. Led by Mr. David Rose.

In these four sessions we will explore how our brains create beauty from mere patterns of sounds and silence, color and shape, taste and smell. In particular, we will explore a few iconic objects of art—e.g., Beethoven’s Eroica, DaVinci’s Mona Lisa—examining what we know about how and why our brains are attracted to them especially. Along the way we will explore whether the brain creates beauty in the same way across different media, across different individuals, and across different cultures.

2 Part Series – Tuesdays: May 11th & 18th @ 4:00-5:30 PM ET REGISTER now!

Ben Soule has had a life-long interest in the Civil War and for anyone living in the United States of America, that piece of history is still present. Ben’s presentation, “My Civil War Stories,” is about the many moments in his life when the Civil War has reached out from the past and touched him. Travel with him to places as varied as a fort in Boston Harbor, an antiques store in Georgia, a cemetery in Denver, the Lincoln Memorial, and a historic house in Lexington Massachusetts. Meet a remarkable cast of characters from a Boston poet to a Chief of the Cheyenne Nation, from a boy sitting on a fence by a dusty road in Pennsylvania to the Great Emancipator himself. Please join him for the premiere presentation of “My Civil War Stories.”

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For a good year now, First Parish church services have come to you via Zoom, YouTube, or Facebook. The music—played by Rip Jackson and other instrumentalists, sung by the choir, the children’s choir, and various soloists—has continued to be a vital part of church. But have you ever wondered how everyone involved has managed to sing or play together when we’ve all been spread out—Rip’s in Florida, Amy’s in DC, Paul’s in South Carolina, Mary’s in Vermont—and basically stuck inside for months on end? Chris Hess, the audio and video wizard behind the music, will describe how this particular bit of sausage is made in the weeks before a piece is part of a service.