From Your Minister


This month we explore what it means to be a Community of Healing. I am excited to think about what that means not only for us as members of First Parish, but for us as members of this greater community of Lexington. On November 20th, I would like for us to sponsor a national event called the Transgender Day of Remembrance. I can vision us on the Battle Green, surrounded by members of local LGBTQI folks as well as First Parish folks holding candlelight vigil. Too many transgender kids are being bullied. Too many transgender adults have been murdered. Too many communities are fighting efforts to make space for our trans community to feel accepted. TDOR is a day to support the trans community and show that we are a church of welcome and radical hospitality. I am looking for a few people to work with me to prepare for this event, as we reach out to the local LGBTQI groups in the high school and beyond. Please consider being on the steering committee with me as we put our desire to be a community of Healing into action.

In faith,

Rev. Anne