The Gallery at First Parish Church

amantha-tsarosExuberant Abstractions: Spreading Joy – paintings by Amantha Tsaros will be on display October 1 through November 30 in The Gallery at First Parish Church.  Amantha is a Lexington resident with a BFA & MFA from the School of Visual Arts, New York, NY.

Amantha is a former Illustrator with illustrations appearing in Esquire Magazine, the New York Times Review of Books and Strathmore Paper Products. Amantha’s paintings have been exhibited at the Massachusetts State House, Cary Memorial Library, Hopkinton Center for the Arts, and Munroe Center for the Arts, Lexington, MA. Her work has appeared on The Change Blog, The Daily Interview, Makers Make Podcast, Imagine the Possibilities Podcast, 100 Proof Radio Show. She currently lives in Lexington with her husband and two children.

Artist Statement about Exuberant Abstractions: Spreading Joy

Heartbreak, Happiness, and a wish for a more joyous world. My goal is to create forcefully joyous paintings that can’t be ignored. These are bold, loud, opinionated pieces of optimism that grow out of my passionate desire to drown out the negativity and darkness and absurd bullying that are heaped on us at an ever-increasing rate and ear-splitting volume these days. Let’s drown it all out with Love, Joy, Optimism, and Happiness. Ultimately, art is undoubtedly a dare. To allow yourself to laugh—loudly and shamelessly. To give yourself permission to let your liveliness loose in a field of hot pink wildflowers. And to realize, then accept, that you deserve pure, undiluted joy.