Note from the Board

Tom-RichFirst Parish is looking for a volunteer (or volunteers) to be Communication Lead, as Jane Eckert is stepping down from this position that she has held for the past 18 months (please thank Jane for her outstanding work!).

Here are the responsibilities of the Communication Lead:

Work with Rev. Anne and the First Parish staff to plan items for external communication.

Provide project management to the church website team, by identifying needs and issues

Establish liaisons with local media outlets

Keep abreast of deadlines for submission to various outlets

Submit requests to the Town for permits for sandwich boards in the Center

Submit articles for publication to the Lexington Minuteman and other media outlets.

Recruit writers for articles and work with in-house editors to polish the article.

This is a wonderful and important opportunity for someone to serve First Parish. Please contact me if you are interested.

In the spirit of community,

Tom Rich

Board Chair