Tidbits from the Kitchen Committee

In order to keep our kitchens clean, neat, and in working order, we ask anyone using the kitchens to please follow these simple instructions:

  • When you leave food in the refrigerators or cabinets, please label and date it so it doesn’t get thrown away unintentionally.
  • Please wash all dishes you use, as well as dry and put away. If everyone does their own dishes, it will keep the kitchen clean and neat.
  • Many people use the kitchens at First Parish. Please wash the counters before and after you use them. We have provided sturdy wipes and cleaner for you.
  • Water in the dishwasher in our first floor kitchen should be emptied when you are finished with it. If there is still water in it, try this: close the door, press OFF, listen for water draining. Open the door so that the dishwasher can air dry.

Thanks for your cooperation!

The Kitchen Committee:

Amy Breiting, Marty Kvall, Carolyn Fleiss