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Three Interim Co-Presidents of the UUA

Following Rev. Peter Morales’ resignation as President of the UUA on April 1st (click here for the article), the UUA Board of Trustees has named the Rev. Sofía Betancourt, the Rev. William G. Sinkford, and Leon Spencer interim co-presidents until the election of a new president at General Assembly on June 24. Morales resigned in the face of a growing controversy over UUA hiring practices, which critics say systemically favor white ministers. The goal of three co-presidents is to treat this as an opportunity instead of a series of problems. In the words of William G. Sinkford, Sometimes it takes a shock to a system to get it unstuck, and if nothing else, we’ve gotten that shock.”

To learn more about the UUA interim co-presidents, visit this article from the UU World.

— Marianne DiBlasi

(Marianne will be contributing information to the Weekly Update about UU news, events, programs, and opportunities.)