A Note from the Board

Did you notice the “VOTE” flyer on the rear entrance door of the church?  At this coming June’s Unitarian Universalist Association General Assembly, delegates will vote on a new president for the UUA.  This is an extremely important election, given the recent resignation of the past UUA president and the controversy over UUA hiring practices.  Your Parish Board would like congregants to express their preferences to the First Parish General Assembly voting delegates (Marianne DiBlasi, Ben Soule, Elizabeth Walsh, and Deb Weiner Soule).  We will do this by having congregants vote at the June 4th Semi-Annual Meeting and then direct our delegates to vote in accordance with the congregation’s preferences.
I encourage everyone to learn about the three candidates and cast an informed vote.  Click on the candidate’s name to visit their website.
The UUA website also has a page with additional information on the candidates.
Thank you for participating in this process and being prepared to cast your vote at the June 4th Semi-Annual Meeting.

In Fellowship,

Tom Rich