Sunday Service

Our world is complicated and many of us feel threatened by the erosion of the values we embrace. Clarity comes by exploring the relationship, the connection between these opposing ideas. Clarity gives us the foundation from which we can move ourselves, our community, and our culture forward in a positive direction.

Please join First Parishioner, Joe Foster, for worship this Sunday when he will guide us on how we reconcile our division between liberal and conservative values, both in our own internal lives and our interactions with others.

Joe Foster has had a long career working for the military as both a rocket scientist and counter-terrorism expert. In parallel with his professional life, he’s been the president of the Unity Church of Gulf Breeze, an organizer of both Lutheran Youth Groups and Divorce Care Groups and is one of the founders of Minuteman Indivisible, a local nonpartisan political activism organization.


Guest musician will be Yukiko Sekino.

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