Help Needed for 325th Events

The event this Thursday, November 9th,  is going to be an exciting dive into the history of this congregation, and we are hoping to offer a warm welcome to all who attend.

We could use some help with a few things:

  • Ushers/Greeters: (5pm – 7pm) OR (7pm – 9pm)
  • Welcome participants at either the front and back of the church.  You get to wear a period hat! And dress up if you would like!
  • Cider/Donut Handler:  (5pm – 7pm) OR (7pm – 9pm)
  • Stand at the kitchenette and help ensure that cups of cider and donuts are available (provided)
  • Camera monitor:  (5:30 pm – 7:30 pm) OR (7pm – 9pm) – Camera will be on tri-pod.  Just aim it at the speaker in case he moves during his presentations (Q&A, Lecture).
  • General support: (5pm – 7pm) OR (7pm – 9pm) – Available to the FP 325 committee to do small tasks to make the presentations run smoothly.

Please use this ONLINE SIGNUP LINK  or EMAIL me directly if you would like to volunteer.

There are TWO MORE events coming up: Washington/Madison debate on NOVEMBER 16th, and the December 3rd Celebration that includes events from Lunch through a dramatic presentation written by Don Cohen.  Volunteer sign up (Greeters, Task Support, Lunch Set up) coming SOON!

Contact Elisabeth Jas if you can help.