SOUL MATTERS : November 2017

“What does it mean to be a people of ABUNDANCE?”

Here is one of the 5 spiritual exercise options from which Soul Matters group members might select to focus on this month:

The Abundance of Clutter

Abundance gets in the way of abundance. Sounds silly but it’s true. Too much stuff leaves us trapped. An over-packed schedule leaves us feeling empty. Clutter – material or spiritual – acts like a cage, leaving us little room to move, or breath.

There’s no better month than November to take on this clutter in our lives. Fall trees shed their leaves, inviting us to do some of the same. The holidays are right around the corner, with their yearly attempt to get us to pack even more into our lives.

So find a few ways this fall to “declutter.” Of course, you will first need to figure out what that means to you. Often it is material clutter we need to tackle. Just as often it is spiritual clutter that needs addressed. Truth is, most of the time, it’s hard to separate the two.

Whatever you decide to focus on, choose at least one strategy to address it. And remember that not all clutter is junk. Our work is not simply to throw the clutter out, but to sort through it. Almost always, there are gems buried in the mess.

Here are some intriguing YouTube offerings/TED talks to inspire you on this topic: