Soul Matters

The SOUL MATTERS theme this month is “What does it mean to be a people of INTENTION?”

There are many spiritual exercises to choose from each month. One option for this month is called Start Your Day with Intention. 

One of the ‘Start your Day With Intention” exercises invites you to explore the power of “intentional mornings” by selecting an exercise to try for at least a week. Here’s one option called Get Grateful.

Begin your day with gratitude. There are so many ways to do this. You can keep it simple by just sitting in silence and pulling into your mind the things you’re looking forward to or the things you are blessed with (your health, a family that loves you, a job you enjoy). One focused way is to start each day by thinking of four people you are grateful for having in your life, letting the good energy from that relationship flow into you. Or maybe use a gratitude jar or write your gratitudes down in a gratitude journal and review its pages as it grows day by day. The point is to replace your to-do list and the morning news with thankfulness as the thing that launches you into the day.

“Your day is pretty much determined by how you spend your first hour.” – Anon