Our Congregation’s Covenant

Love is the doctrine of this church.
The quest for Truth is its sacrament
and Service is its prayer.
This is our great covenant:
To dwell together in Peace,
To seek the Truth in Love,
And to help one another,
To the end that all souls shall grow
Into harmony with the divine.

We affirm our Covenant at each Sunday service; it grounds us as we journey together toward deeper understanding and action.

Our Congregation’s Mission

We are a liberal congregational church that seeks:

  • To develop and nurture the spiritual dimension in our lives;
  • To embrace an evolving faith in harmony with reason and wonder;
  • To create a safe and welcoming place for the enriching diversity of humankind, and for the full expression of our differences;
  • To share in people’s times of joy and celebration;
  • To comfort and encourage people in their times of sorrow and need;
  • To act on our values to serve the larger community and create a more just and loving world