Position : Worship Tech Manager

Main Contact : Senior Minister

Status : Independent Contractor

Rate : $20/hr, with a minimum of 5 hours per week (inclusive of Sunday morning)

Starting date : September 19, 2021

Job Description : MS Word, PDF, Google Doc


The Worship Tech Manager will be the primary Zoom host during on-line Sunday worship services, and will help with all Audio-Visual tech as needed.  Hours are from 8:30 am – noon on Sunday, with other hours as availability allows.


  • Run sound board and camera for multi-platform worship services
  • Manage Zoom hosting of Sunday services, including sharing of video, audio, and slide deck. Spotlight speakers as needed. Provide smooth transitions between worship segments.  
  • Work with other staff and volunteers, to include but not limited to: Minister, Director of Music, Director of Religious Education and Family Ministry, Worship Associates, Video Creators, Chat Chaplain, Membership Committee
  • During services, manage muting and room security, including admitting people from waiting room
  • Livestream Zoom worship direct to the church’s YouTube and Facebook channels through a restreaming platform
  • Stay updated to changes in features/functionality on Zoom and communicate these changes to staff team
  • Create breakout rooms after worship, composed as requested by Members and Friends Team
  • Edit videos other than worship and upload to church’s YouTube Channel, as requested (i.e. a recorded adult education workshop, cleaned up at the ends)
  • Archive backups of content in a cloud server


  • Possess reasonably up-to-date Windows or Macintosh system with Webcam and microphone
  • Ability to play video and audio files
  • Reliable and good network access
  • Consistent availability from 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM (EST) every Sunday morning
  • Extended Sunday availability to 12:30 as requested for special meetings/events
  • Available for 1-3 hours of “prep time” on weekdays to work with worship leaders to understand media needed for each service
  • Knowledge of:
    • Zoom Hosting
    • Google Drive/Docs/Sheets/Presentations
    • YouTube and Facebook
    • Video playback
    • Audio playback
    • Basic video editing (although advanced video editing a plus)
    • Support the worship goals of Ministry Staff
  • Basic familiarity with digital audio/video equipment and/or a willingness to learn
  • Our equipment consists of a Presonus Studiolive 24.4.2 digital mixer
  • Canon  XA20 video camera
  • Denon digital audio recorder
  • Mac mini 
  • Wireless and wired microphones
  • Pan, tilt, zoom mount for camera

Education & Experience:

  • High school diploma or GED equivalent
  • Experience using the technology required

How to Apply: Send your resume and cover letter to Admin@FPLex.org.