First Parish Unitarian Universalists in Lexington, MA believe that learning is a lifelong endeavor that begins the moment a child enters our community. Children and youth engaged in one or more areas of lifespan religious education programming will have the opportunity to learn about many different topics tied to Unitarian Universalism. Learning is guided by the congregations mission:

First Parish in Lexington’s Mission:  Love, Seek, Serve

We celebrate the inherent worth and dignity of all individuals. (Love) As a congregation, we support each other’s search for spiritual growth (Seek) so that we may be a strong gathering force to Serve in the larger community.

First Parish in Lexington offers many learning opportunities on Sunday mornings and beyond. We also believe that learning is not isolated to specific programs. Learning occurs any time the community gathers. First Parish in Lexington believes that lifelong learning is an important aspect of the community. 

The following pages will outline specific age-based learning programs. We invite everyone to join us for we believe that we are all explorers!