Upcoming Worship

Sunday, Sep 20th 2020 @ 10:30 AM In these trying times it might be easy to sequester our love, save our energy, and only look inward. But we are called to love the world – over and over again. Rev. Anne will also welcome the Lexington Farmer’s Market Manager as we have a special collection for their SNAP program. Music for Sunday This Sunday, our soprano soloist Elizabeth Walsh will sing Leonard Bernstein’s poignant “Somewhere” (from West Side Story) and Dorothy F. Gurney’s serene “O Perfect Love.” At the beginning of worship, Rip Jackson will play Enya’s meditative piano piece “Watermark” (from the iconic 80’s album Watermark). For the postlude, he will play Johann Pachelbel’s glorious “Fuga in C Major” on the church’s magnificent 1898 Hutchings 32-rank tracker organ.