This year we have set up the Caring Community of First Parish in Lexington using the website LotsaHelpingHands.  The goal is to try to improve on the system we currently have, making it easier for members in need to request help, and correspondingly for parishioners to promptly respond to those requests.

The Care Coordinators for this new website are Deborah Y Beers and Celine Nussbaum.  If you have a need for services such as meals, rides, etc. please contact them at They will talk with you about your needs and post your request for help on the new website.

The system is currently in trial stage and open to a limited number of parishioners who have been asked to serve on the team of volunteers able to respond to a request for help. Once we “get the kinks out” of the system, everyone in the parish will be invited to join the team of volunteers.