The Sanctuary Choir

Music is an important part of our worship services and offerings to the community. We have a vibrant program presenting music from diverse traditions. Our minister of music, Rip Jackson, leads the program. We are a welcoming community of music lovers dedicated to celebrating Spirit with music and the performing arts.

In September, the Sanctuary and Children’s Choirs will resume rehearsing. Their music is an integral part of the Sunday morning worship services at First Parish.  They also perform at separate concerts both at First Parish and other venues. Both choirs sing in the Fall Concert (Peace Concert with a full jazz band). There will also be a Spring concert (TBA). If you have any questions about our program, or would like to “try us out,” feel free to contact Rip Jackson. Our choir rehearsals are fun and full of music from many genres including, folk, pop, classical, jazz, world and traditional genres. All are welcome!