Upcoming Worship

Sunday Oct 25th @ 10:30 AM — Faith Without G_D
In our UU understanding of Spirituality, there are many ways to explore what “Faith” can be without the old definitions of the divine. Rev. Anne will offer this year’s Auction Sermon on the embrace of Atheism within our denomination and within our congregation.
Music for Sunday
Our wonderful section leaders Elizabeth Walsh, Julia Jaffe, Nate Ramsayer and David Meharry will sing Thomas Tallis’s serene Renaissance a cappella anthem “If Ye Love Me.” Tim Jacoby will sing John Denver’s inspiring 1969 song “Rhymes and Reason.” For the centering music and postlude, Rip Jackson will play two baroque organ works on the church’s magnificent 1898 Hutchings 32-rank tracker organ: Louis Marchand’s lyrical “Récit de Nasard” (from Grand Suite in C Major) and Johann Sebastian Bach’s powerful “Praeludium in c minor BWV 549.”