As a Unitarian Universalist congregation, we are a self-governing entity. The congregation controls its own finances and property, and chooses its leadership and form of governance. Our minister is called to lead us by a vote of the congregation.

Parish Board

The Parish Board, the governing body of the congregation, is composed of seven members-at-large, the Chair of the Finance Committee, and the Parish Clerk, all elected by the parish in our spring semi-annual meeting. The Minister attends the Board meetings as an ex-officio member. The Board sets policy, goals, and strategies at the direction of the Parish, and oversees church programs. The Board is led by a chair who is elected by the Board members. You can reach the board at

Brian Herrick, Chair
Laura Rosen, Vice Chair
Mia Roop, Treasurer & Member-At-Large
Ruth Rose, Clerk
David Bovet, Finance Committee Chair
Debbie Armstrong,
Mark Fortin,
Amy Jamison,
Rev. Anne Mason,
Ex. Officio

Committees and Program Teams are the workhorses of the church: they constitute the primary way that our ministry is carried out and provide a means for our parishioners to use their individual talents and energy for the benefit of First Parish and of the community we serve.

Shared Ministry

Our Senior Minister, Rev. Anne Mason, is the spiritual leader of First Parish in a shared ministry. That is, we all have collective responsibility — the minister, the board and the congregation — for the health of the church community.

Safe Congregation Plan

First Parish’s Safe Congregation Plan is designed to ensure that all First Parish members, friends, and visitors feel safe and free to follow their own spiritual paths in an atmosphere of respect and mutual support.