Sunday Worship

sanctuary Join Sam Teitel this Sunday morning at 10:30, when he asks the congregation to explore what it is that our church building provides us in his sermon, “My God’s House Has Many Rooms…And We Have To Pay To Heat Them All.” As we move forward into the Twenty-First Century, many of our Unitarian Universalist congregations are starting to reconsider what role the church building itself plays in the life of their community. What makes a church? Is it just the building itself? Is it just the people in the building? Is it some combination of those two things? Or maybe it is something else entirely. There are some people who are suggesting that the era of the brick-and-mortar congregation is ending. There are others who say that these buildings are a vital part of our identities. This week we are going to be exploring our relationships with our church buildings themselves, and what those relationships mean in our current era.”
trebleclef Music this week will be provided by Yukiko Sekino. A soloist noted for her performances of Beethoven, Rachmaninoff, and Scriabin, Yuki frequently collaborates in chamber music and performs some of the most challenging twentieth and twenty-first century works. She is a graduate of Harvard University and the Juilliard School, and currently teaches piano at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the New England Conservatory Prep School.