Social Hour Host List

First Parish invites each of you to participcoffee urnate in hospitality by hosting our Sunday morning social hour one time each year. The lead host brings milk for coffee or tea and coordinates with the team; the other invitees each bring refreshments for 30 to 40: (cut up fruit or veggies, crackers & cheese, or sweets. Full instructions are available on our website and are posted in the kitchenette. The table below lists your invitations for this fall and early winter. Please find your name, mark your calendar, and save this list for future reference.

September 2016 to January 2017

Date Lead Host Invitees
9/11: Mannix, S*.  LeSchack, M; Wanderer, T; Mulready-Shick, J & Shick, S
9/18: McKenney, J* McKenney, B; McGrail, K; Moffatt, P; Noe, C
9/25: JoAnn Poage* Morse-Fortier, S. & Morse-Fortier, L; Poage, J.
10/2: Myerberg, A* Myers, A & D; Myerberg, J
10/9: Nussbaum, C*  Muscolo, G; Nolden, S & T; Nussbaum, S
10/16: O’Connor, S* Newhouse, M; O’Brien, J & R
10/23: O’Hare-Gibson, K  O’Hare-Gibson, R; Oberteuffer, J; Perry-Wood, Z
10/30: Meharry, M* Pedulla, D & Springer, S; Meharry, D
11/6: Reuss, B*, Prusak, L & B; Reuss, D
11/13: Pollack, D*, Pittore, B & R; Roop, M & L
11/20: Sinnett, J*, Platt, K; Rose, D & R; Ryder, P
11/27: Schmitz, J* Scott, B & Walsh, E; Shrum, R,
12/4: Siegel, E.* Soule, B; Stone, B; Tan, J
12/11: Tasker T* Tanner, R; Sturiale, N & Taibi, G; Tasker, P
12/18: Barss, V* Townsen, D & Yen, S; Lee, J
12/25:  no morning service
1/1: Beswick, J  tba
1/8: Yansen, L* Whitman, S; Yansen, D; Svenson, E & Jas, E
1/15: Adams L* Adams S & Rich, T; Armstrong, D
1/22: Beers-Jones, D* Anderson, M; Anderson, C; Jones, J,
1/29: Benson, L* Smith, P; Bjorklund, J; Brouillette, P; Breiting, A