A Note from Lifespan Religious Education

sadie-kahn-greeneHello! I’m Sadie Kahn-Greene, and I’m covering for Lisa Maria for this last week of her maternity leave. Her first Sunday back will be Oct. 2nd. I’ll be there to welcome her back and hope you will be, too! In the meantime, our program is up and running!

We had our first Sunday of religious education for Pre-K to 8th grade while our high school group finished their kick-off retreat in NH. Our youngest class for pre-K to1st grades started with their new curriculum, Spirit Play. As my 5 year old explained, “There were a lot of new things in class, but they were really cool!” I’m delighted that he welcomed the change. I also had a great time working with the 2nd to 8th graders for their Chapel time in Parker Hall. Together we created their group covenant, learned about each other, and played a game that got everyone moving and eager to come back and play again. I’ll be there again next week. I plan to light the chalice with any 2nd-8th graders that would like to help me share their covenant. Their words and commitment to being a cooperative group is inspiring. 

I look forward to welcoming our returning families and newcomers again this Sunday!

Our first Family Fun Games Night and Pizza Party will be on Saturday September 24th from 5-7 pm in Parker Hall. Rev. Anne and I will be there with some group games, board and card games. If you have a favorite game to share, please bring it along! I’m hoping we can make this a regular event. It’s certainly not just for families, so if you like to play games, join us! Please RSVP here or email me at skahngreene@yahoo.com if you have questions.