Note from the Board

chalice-logoI’m very pleased to announce that your First Parish Board has appointed four parishioners to the Shared Ministry Evaluation Committee — Brian Herrick, Board member Dave Juitt, Marty Kvaal, and Tony Siesfeld.  The Board greatly appreciates their willingness to serve on this committee.  The congregation voted to create the committee at last June’s Semi-Annual Meeting.  As stated in the church Bylaws: “A Shared Ministry Evaluation Committee will be appointed by the Parish Board for the sole purpose of evaluating the minister’s performance and the strength of congregational engagement in the shared ministry.”  Previously, the Committee on Ministry (now disbanded) had both an evaluative and ministerial support function.  With this Bylaw change, we have a committee focused solely on evaluation and a separate committee (the Ministerial Support Committee) that provides support to Rev. Anne.

Please join me in thanking Brian, Dave, Marty, and Tony.

In the spirit of community,

Tom Rich

Board Chair