Note from the Board

Tom-RichI have a soft spot in my heart for the church’s Senior High Youth Group — both of my children got so much out of youth group. This year’s youth group has set an ambitious fund raising goal for themselves, to support service trips and other social action events. One way to support the youth group is by purchasing soup from them after the Sunday service. Another opportunity is at the Great Fall Auction, this Saturday night. The youth group has donated several items, including 4 hours of babysitting; a Jar of Compliments, one for each day; 2 dozen chocolate dipped cookies; and “Youth Group Christmas Tree Support” (the youth will come with you to pick out your tree, bring it to your house and set it up, and then after Christmas they will come take down and remove your tree). Proceeds from these items will be split between the church and the youth group.

Please do all you can to support the youth group.

In the spirit of community,

Tom Rich

Board Chair