A Note from the Board

Tom-RichI want to personally thank Rev. Anne and Lisa Maria for organizing Sunday’s Transgender Day of Remembrance. Over 80 Parishioners marched onto the Battle Green after the Sunday service to honor the memory of those whose lives were lost in acts of anti-transgender violence. Rip and the choir led the Parishioners in song on the walk from the church to the Green, singing “Siyahamba” (“We are marching in the light on God”). On the Green, we were honored to hear from Grace Ann Stevens, who spoke of her experiences as a transgender woman. Parishioners read the names of 25 transgender persons who lost their lives to violence and hate during the past year.  We closed by singing “We Shall Overcome”.

As the proud parents of two LGBTQ children, Suzanne and I were deeply touched by the event, as I know everyone else was.  Thank you Rev. Anne and Lisa Maria.

In the spirit of community,


Tom Rich

Board Chair