The Great Fall Auction a Great Success!

thank-youThis year’s Great Fall Auction was held last Saturday night, and I’m very pleased to report that we raised $24,000 for the church.  I want to thank everyone who helped make this year’s Great Fall Auction a success:

– bid recorders Margie Gibbons, Mary Brinton, and Paul Brouillette
– data entry team of Pete Tasker (lead), Bob Gibbons, Julie Millane, Dick Fleiss, and Bob Kvaal.
– food and beverage coordinators Amy Breiting and Polly Erickson and their helpers Judy Cole and Pam Moffat.
– silent auction coordinator Toni Tasker and her helpers Sarah Matthews, Carolyn Fleiss, and Maureen Bovet
– runners Jordan O’Hare Gibson, Joel Brouillette, Liz Whitman-Kinghorn, and Jeremy Whitman-Kinghorn
– auctioneers Deb Weiner Soule, Chris Hess, and David Rose
– proxy bidders Marianne DiBlasi and Anne Khudari
– everyone who donated an item, and,
– everyone who purchased an item.
Your 2016 Great Fall Auction Team — Tom Rich (chair), Toni Tasker, Pete Tasker, Margie Gibbons, and Bob Gibbons.
In the spirit of community,
Tom Rich
Board Chair