News about The Engagement Project

first_parish_winter_croppedThe Committee on Leadership and Service is embarking on a project to connect with all the members and friends of First Parish on a one to one basis for a dialog around what brings you to First Parish and how you engage in the congregational fabric of the community.

These interviews will be relatively brief (about 30 minutes) and very key yet engaging. When members of our team reach out to you over the coming weeks, please find time for this important opportunity to connect and let us and the rest of the congregation hear about your values and interests.

As part of this project, we would are looking for volunteers to have their interviews recorded on video for publication on our church’s website. Please let us know if you’d be willing to participate. In the short term, we’re also looking for 4-5 young adults (college age) members and friends to participate. If you have a son or daughter coming home for the holidays in the next week or two and can spare 30 minutes, we’d love to interview them for this project.

Thank you all for your consideration.

Yours in Leadership and Service,

Erik Svenson & Elisabeth Jas

Committee on Leadership & Service Chairs