LexRAP Laptop Drive

lexrapAs the holidays approach and gifts of new laptops twinkle in the eyes of your loved ones, keep the old ones for Lexington Refugee Assistance Program (www.lexrap.org). LexRAP is seeking usable laptops to give to refugee families who have recently resettled in this area. The laptops will also be given to refugees who came to the U.S as unaccompanied minors and are now in college. If you have recently bought anew laptop and the old one is still sitting around, please consider donating.

We ask that PC laptops you donate have at least Windows 7 or above to be usable. Mac laptops should not have significant known problems. It should not be more than three to four years old.

We will not be able to fix laptops that don’t work. Please do not give us damaged, broken laptops or those without charging cords.

Volunteers will delete user accounts, user profiles, and files.

Drop off laptops on Saturday January 28th and Sunday January 29th from 10AM to 5PM at 10 Grant Place, Lexington. For more detailed information go to www.lexRAP.org and click on “Laptop Drive.”  If you need to arrange a different time, call 781-254-6002 or email marianne.boswell@gmail.com.  For other questions, feel free to be in touch with Jane Eckert.