Voices on the Green – Call for Submissions

call-for-submissionsFirst Parish’s new bi-monthly community program, Voices on the Green, will debut on Friday, January 27th from 7-9 PM in Parish Hall. Each program will coalesce around a central theme and consist of a TED-type talk by a local expert, 3 or 4 short Moth-type stories (deeply personal while also universal), and 2 or 3 songs, poems, or musical selections on the same theme. An intermission will provide opportunity for general conversation with refreshments and music. Donations will be requested, and a percentage of the proceeds will support the evening’s community-service partner.


The theme for our first program is “Breakthrough.” Have you had a scientific, artistic, creative, literary, invention or personal breakthrough you’d like to share? If so, please send a brief description to David Rose (drose@cast.org) by January 6th.

Everyone is welcome to submit: we will select the best combination to make a lively and entertaining evening. If you have a great story to tell, but are unsure if it fits this theme, or unsure of yourself as a presenter, we will provide opportunity for conversation, practice, and expert mentoring. Contact any member of the steering committee with questions: David Rose, Deb Lapides, Regie O’Hare-Gibson, or Laura Juitt.


The next two events will be held on March 31st and May 26th. The theme for March is “Living in the Hyphen” –  the challenges and opportunities of growing up bi-culturally in Lexington or the surrounding area. Our community service partner for that evening will be Lexington Youth and Family Services.