From Your Minister: Where Do We Go From Here?

conversationOn Tuesday, Jan. 10th at noon, Rev. Anne will hold a discussion in Parish Hall exploring our continuing reactions to the political shift in this country. As we approach the Inauguration, some of us may want to consider what actions we might want to take as a congregation to help us understand the cultural landscape and to uphold our religious values in a country where hate speech is still on the rise. Having met several times in December, this conversation is still open to anyone who would like to talk, from any political perspective.

One of the positive outcomes of our earlier conversation is the upcoming workshop on Bystander Intervention Training which we are holding on Jan. 28th from 9 – 12 with Prentice Anthony Pilot. All are welcome to come and learn what to do when we witness intolerant behavior and speech towards others. Please contact Lisa Maria Steinberg to sign up.