Buildings & Grounds Update

first_parish_winter_croppedOur historic church building and its grounds need lots of ongoing care, and a goodly share of that care is provided by cheerful volunteers.  Here are some of their recent accomplishments:

* Lighting improvements to front portico and rear parking lot, and repair of broken ceiling fixture in Common Room. Thanks especially to Lew Counts.

* Repair of hidden, metal roof adjacent to but higher than porte-cochère using a painted on rubber compound. Leak from that ancient part of the roof caused some damage in the stairwell near the porte-cochère. Thanks especially to Jim Gross.

* Two Saturday work parties that cleaned and organized the boiler room and closets, washed windows, cleaned woodwork, assembled new 14-gauge stainless steel work table in kitchen, removed old wax, and polished two large, standing candelabras, raked leaves, etc. An impressive total of 23 individuals contributed their time and effort during the work parties. Thanks especially to Toni Tasker for organizing these efforts.

On the horizon is a third work party.  This time volunteers will be helping to paint Parker Hall, the stairwell adjacent to the porte-cochère, and adjoining hallways.

Thanks to all B&G volunteers for joining in, contributing to the safety, cleanliness, and beauty of First Parish, and helping save the congregation lots of money in a tight budget environment.

Submitted by Dave Pollack on behalf of the B&G Committee.