Important Note from the Board

First Parish Members and Friends,

At last October’s Semi-Annual Meeting, I indicated that your Parish Board would work on addressing the findings of the Historic Structures Report, which identified a range of needed repairs to our building over the next 10 years.

I’m very pleased to say that the Board has hired Dan Hotchkiss, an expert in church governance and management, to help draft the outline of a five-year plan for First Parish. Dan will work with the Board this month to design steps to address financing options for the building needs identified in the Historic Structures Report as well as other long term building needs. He will also help us begin to dream of how our mission aligns with our building needs, and vision a future for First Parish which will ensure that we remain a strong presence on the Green for years to come.

The Board will vote at the March meeting on the basic structure of this plan, which will include a Capital Campaign and the roles and responsibilities of the First Parish Board, committees, and members and friends in visioning and implementing those plans. This will be an exciting process for us as a congregation.

In the spirit of community,

Tom Rich

Board Chair