Minuteman Indivisible Lexington Group Created

Two weeks ago a group of people in our congregation interested in asserting our UU moral values through political activism established an Indivisible local group to serve as a focal point for their efforts and those of other interested people in Lexington. The group is called the Minuteman Indivisible Lexington, and the description of group is:

Lexington-based Indivisible Group advocating for office holders and legislation that uphold the rights and dignity of all people, informed by science and humanitarian principles. We are networking with other Indivisible groups in Massachusetts to build an effective resistance movement and to devise a 2018 strategy. We invite you to join us. All newcomers are welcome.

The political advocacy of the group will follow the tactics contained in the Indivisible Guide that describes how to effectively influence our members of Congress.  Political actions of this group will be drawn from the most egregious current assaults on our democratic and moral values.  The guide is downloadable from https://www.indivisibleguide.com.

The first public meeting of the group will be held here at First Parish this Monday, February 13th at 7:30pm in Parish Hall.

The Facebook site of the group is at Minuteman Indivisible Lexington.  It can also be reached at https://www.facebook.com/Minuteman-Indivisible-Lexington-619047868296753/. You may post your comments to the site and perform other Facebook functions.

Contact Pete Tasker for more information.