This Week in Social Action

The Social Action Ministry (SAM) at First Parish comes from our Unitarian Universalist faith based on the values of love, justice, community and responsibility. We do this within the supportive environment of our broader church community and the mission of First Parish “…to act on our values to serve the larger community and create a more just and loving world.”

Full House at Film Screening

Despite the snow, the screening of “Beyond the Wall” filled up the Lexington Venue with standing room only. This very moving film depicted personal stories of reentry, relapse, recovery, and redemption, putting a human face on the social, economic, and emotional barriers encountered by imprisoned individuals. We were offered insights and hope for ways that reentry from prison can be more successful. There were opportunities to learn about mentoring programs to help returning citizens. This film screening was a very rewarding collaboration with our fellow UU churches, and the audience contributed over $300 for the associated social impact campaign, “After Incarceration, There’s Life”.

Amnesty Letter Writing Great Success

Thanks to all the brave souls who came to church last Sunday and signed letters on behalf of prisoners of conscience in China, Vietnam, and Uzbekistan. We got close to 200 letters signed and another 40 or so signatures on our petition asking Lexington Selectmen and Selectwomen to pass a resolution declaring Lexington to be a “welcoming community” for refugees. For those who did not get a chance to sign the petition it will be available during coffee hour this coming Sunday. Please stop by the piano.

Help Declare Lexington a Welcoming Community open to Syrian Refugees

During the coffee hour this Sunday, members of the Social Action Committee will be circulating a petition to be presented to the town selectmen and selectwomen urging them to consider a resolution declaring that Lexington is a “Welcoming Community” for all refugees (and in particular Syrian refugees who are amongst the most vulnerable). The petition is part of a nationwide campaign sponsored by Amnesty International and is intended as a simple expression of concern and support. It does not ask or request that Lexington be a sanctuary community nor that it commit to any resettlement plan.  The petition is being circulated at other religious communities in Lexington. Please take a moment to sign the petition.

Amnesty International Meeting this coming Sunday, February 19th

Please join us this coming Sunday at 1:00 pm in the Common Room for our regularly scheduled monthly meeting. The meeting this coming Sunday will feature a first-hand report of the situation in Iraq from our member, Terry Rockefeller. We will also review our “I Welcome” campaign encouraging Lexington to adopt a resolution stating that Lexington is a safe community and welcoming community (not a sanctuary) for refugees. Meetings last no more than an hour and tend to be quite lively and informative. See Al Jacobson for more details.