From Your Minister

First Parish stands with all who fight the increase of hateful language and deeds. Our values of love and tolerance, our acceptance of all religions and our desire to support those who are oppressed are the core of who we are. In the face of desecration of Jewish burial grounds in Philadelphia and Missouri, we stand with our Jewish brothers and sisters against the rise of hateful actions.  In the face of government regulations we stand with our transgender friends in support of their right to be accepted as they are. And in the face of continued anti-Muslim sentiment, we continue to promote understanding and love.  We will be planning a visit to the mosque in Burlington in early April, where we will meet with the Imam, have a tour, and get to know our Muslim neighbors. And recently, with Dan Fenn’s leadership, we sent at request that our local leaders take a moral stand on the side of Love. At their monthly meeting this week, responding to a request from First Parish, the Lexington Board of Selectmen reached out to the Wayland mosque in support and sympathy  after they received a particularly vicious piece of anonymous hate mail. We applaud their actions and hope to continue to be a moral voice in Lexington to help us all find our path of love and tolerance.

In faith,
Rev. Anne