Note from the Board

Sunday was a glorious day in the life of our congregation, marking the formal installation of Rev. Anne as our 24th Minister.  If you missed the service, you can watch it by clicking here.
There are so many people to thank and I’m sure I’ll miss some (with apologies), but here are a few heartfelt thanks:
– to Deb Weiner Soule for chairing the Installation Committee. She put many, many hours into planning this service;
– to other members of the Installation Committee who helped Deb: Jane Eckert, Dan Fenn, Bobbie Hodson, Amy Jamison, and Pete Tasker;
– to Hazel Graham for coordinating the reception and to her many helpers who helped set up and clean up the Parish Hall;
– to Lisa Maria, Rip, Jane, and Bob, for all their work in preparing for the service;
– to Maureen Bovet, who was responsible for the beautiful floral arrangements in the sanctuary;
– to the youth and adult members who participated in the service;
– to Dan Fenn, who arranged to have the Lexington Minuteman attend the service;
– and to John and Agnes Howell, for preparing the beverages and food for the visiting clergy.
In the spirit of community,
Tom Rich