Mayfair Jewelry Sale

This year the jewelry table will offer an ‘All New’ selection — nothing left over from prior years! BUT it is up to us to dig into that collection of forgotten and unloved gems and accessories (purses and silk or silk-like scarves) to make this work. We will treat your valuables with respect making sure they are carefully valued to bring the best price.

You can drop off your items each Sunday starting April 23rd and all throughout the weeks before until Friday May 12. Jane will also receive things at the office when she is there. We encourage early drop offs to lessen the build up of donations at the last minute.

Ask your sisters, mothers, friends, and neighbors for their long neglected jewels and accessories and invite them to refresh their own collections by coming to the sale.

Team members: Lynne Yansen, Deb Lapides, Carolyn Fleiss, Lee Brami, Trelawney Goodell, Linda Coyne, Meg Newhouse, and Edie Ruquist.