In Other News…

A new feature in the Weekly Update, In Other News… will be a space designated for news items and announcements that do not fit under the umbrella of a standing committee or program of the church but may be of interest to readers.

 Would you like to partner with First Parish UU in Bedford to offer Sanctuary to a non-documented family? Here is an invitation:

On Wednesday evening, May 10 at 7:00 p.m., Attorney and President of the American Immigration Lawyers’ Association, Susan Church, will give a presentation at First Parish in Bedford. The presentation is designed to inform immigrants and their allies of their rights and to empower them in the era of significant ICE enforcement. In addition, Ms. Church will also be prepared to answer our questions about offering physical sanctuary and its legal implications. Don’t miss this opportunity to become informed and, importantly, to prepare for the support of a person(s) in sanctuary at First Parish. AND, please do invite any immigrants you may know who would benefit from this presentation.

We’d like to get a sense of how many people will attend; so, please let Vito ( or Christine ( know if you think you’ll be able to join us. Thanks!