From Your Minister

This week Simon and I have moved into our new house in Westford! We found a house that is even older than First Parish… it was built in 1656 and lovingly restored by Phil Gilbert, the woodworker who purchased the house when it was occupied only by raccoons a number of years ago. We are surrounded by forest and even have a babbling brook running alongside the house, and we are really looking forward to settling in and living amidst the centuries of history evident in each floor board and fireplace (there are 6!). I made it to church this weekend in about 20 minutes, so it seems like the perfect place for us to be close to you all and yet have some space for sanctuary in our own little slice of paradise. Even if we have to share this with raccoons occasionally…

This past Sunday had two fantastic events. The youth who participated in the Coming of Age service were inspiring for all of us, as they brought their questions and their perspectives to the snapshot of their beliefs which they were courageous enough to share with all of us. Thank you to Katie Camire and Lisa Maria Steinberg for all of your work in accompanying our youth, and thank you to David Pollack and Anne Khudari for your volunteer leadership.

I also want to say thank you to all of the musicians who made the Broadway concert such a rousing success. The joy on your faces was contagious, and the ensemble of instruments and voices was incredible. Thank you for lifting us all up with the power of your music. And again I want to thank Rip Jackson for his strong leadership and skillful preparation. This program was well attended by both members of First Parish and by visitors who now know what a fantastic music program we have!

This was indeed a day when I was able to simply attend both worship and concert, and be spiritually fed by both. What a blessing this was for me.

In gratitude,

Rev. Anne