This Week in Social Action Ministry

The Social Action Ministry (SAM) at First Parish comes from our Unitarian Universalist faith based on the values of love, justice, community and responsibility. We do this within the supportive environment of our broader church community and the mission of First Parish “…to act on our values to serve the larger community and create a more just and loving world.”

Waking Up White Book Discussion

First Parish is co-sponsoring with Temple Isaiah and other congregations in Lexington a presentation by Debby Irving on June 8 entitled “I’m a Good Person – Isn’t that Enough?”

In anticipation of that, John Oberteuffer will be leading a discussion of Irving’s book, Waking up White. Please borrow or buy a copy now and join together on Sunday, May 21st at 4 pm in the Common Room for an interesting discussion.

Annual Day of Service

This Sunday, May 21st, the Social Action Committee will begin signing up volunteers for our June 3 Day of Service. To date, we have the opportunity to participate in the following activities: Lexington Interfaith Garden (8-10), Lexington Food Pantry (6-sorry, no children), Communities Without Borders preparation of graduation gifts for Zambian children (no limit set yet), The Douglas House (improving the quality of life for residents with brain injury-no limit set yet; activities and lunch for residents), Lexington Conservation Stewards project on Wright’s Farm (stone wall clearing and invasive plant removal-no limit set yet). The day will begin at 8 AM with a blessing by Reverend Anne, organization with Team Leader, and BREAKFAST. Most activities will wrap up around 12 or 12:30. Thank you to our individual leaders: Marty Kvaal, Cherie Noe, Lynne Yansen, Al Jacobson, Brenda Prusak, and Ben Soule. Hope to see you there!!

Political Activism

You’ve heard about the healthcare bill that the House passed as the American Health Care Bill—just about the best bill that the billionaires could buy in order to get their tax cut on the backs of our less-fortunate citizens. Here’s a comparison chart of what the current Affordable Care Act provides versus the proposed bill from the House. Next the bill goes to the Senate. To see an ACA to AHCA comparison, click here. For more information go to