Mayfair Sets a Record!

It takes not a village but a congregation to put on this labor of love we call Mayfair…lots of labor involved but also lots of love for First Parish.

Amy and I thank each of you.

To table chairs Lee Brami and Carolyn Fleiss (jewelry), Nancy Earsy (collectibles), Mary Knuth (books), Mia Roop and Beth Walsh (white elephants), Bill Pittore for all things electrical, Jennifer Aliber (baked goods/comestibles), Lydia d’Andrea and Jim Jones (plants), Len and Lucy Morse-Fortier with Maureen Bovet (coffee/espresso Bar), and John Schmitz and Jim Gross(lunch)—thank you!

To Bike Boyz Bob Eckert and Bill McKenney, to professional photographer, Zoe Perry-Wood, to communications maven, Tish Callanan, to photographer-in-chief-of-Parish life, Lew Counts, to our treasurers David Bovet and Dick Fleiss, to security cop Russ Brami, and to our roaming barker, Bill Scott —thank you!

To all the incredible people who signed up to be on the table teams; the generous folks who lent items necessary to our smooth operation; the many bakers; the people who grew or divided plants to sell; the people who didn’t sign up but showed up to help—thank you!

To Rev. Anne who helped us begin the day, and the stalwart set-up and cleanup crews.  To all those who gave help and advice in the weeks and days beforehand, especially advisors-in-chief, Sarah Matthews and Ruth Rose.  To Linda and Bob Coyne, who opened their garage for storage, and to Hancock Church that lent us many long tables—thank you!

To everyone who posted a Mayfair sign in their yard—thank you!

Big thanks, too, to First Parish Administrator Jane Foley and Sexton Bob Coughlin, who helped enormously with many details and who greeted us with good humor no matter how many times we asked for their help.

To all those who brought items to be sold—thank you!

And to all those who came and bought some of the mountain of items we had for sale—thank you too!

All of you contributed to a record-breaking “take” for Mayfair 2017: $7100!  We can all be proud of this marvelous outcome.

Thank you!!

Amy Breiting and Marty Kvaal

Your grateful and happy Mayfair co-chairs