Soul Matters “Matters”: A Spiritual Exercise to Try

For the month of May, chalice circles/covenant groups are exploring the question “What does it mean to be a community of embodiment?” The dictionary defines embody as “to be the best possible example of a particular idea, quality, or principle, especially a good one” and also “to include as a constituent part”—for example, the values embodied in the Constitution.

One of the Soul Matters spiritual exercises for this month asks us to think about a question or questions that we embody, like it or not, or that we have been trying to embody, a question that perhaps we have been asking all our lives. From the materials: “Spend the month figuring out and articulating your ‘first big question’ and identify one way it has shaped you and one way it is calling you to change or deepen.”

Writer Courtney Martin’s essay (and readers’ responses) may provide inspiration, which you can find by clicking here.

What is your first big question or one of your first?