UU Denominational News

Living the Democratic Process and General Assembly

The 2017 General Assembly (GA) will be held June 21-25 in New Orleans. This assembly is the annual meeting of our Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA).  Attendees worship, witness, learn, connect, and make policy for the Association through a democratic process. Each UUA member congregation is allowed one voting delegate for every 50 members.  First Parish in Lexington is allowed five voting delegates.

This year, Marianne DiBlasi, Elizabeth Walsh, Ben Soule, and Deb Weiner-Soule have been approved by the board as voting delegates. What does this mean?  It means these delegates will be voting on business agenda items — including bylaw amendments, a statement of conscience, and the UUA presidential election. It means that these delegates are representing you — the members of First Parish.

In preparation for voting, the UUA Board of Trustees is hosting a 75-minute webinar which will provide information about the business items that will be voted on at GA.  Delegates and all congregational members are invited to attend one of these webinars to learn about the business issues.  Let your delegates know your thoughts on these issues so we can better represent First Parish at GA.  To see a list of webinar times and how-to-attend information, visit

http://www.uua.org/uuagovernance/board/announcements/board-webinar-what-delegates-can-expect-ga-2017.  Please note, this 75-minute webinar is scheduled for 5 separate dates and times. Each webinar covers the same material so you only need to attend one of them.

Thank you in advance for being part of UU democracy in action!

~ Marianne DiBlasi