From Your Minister

On Sunday afternoon, folks from many of the faith traditions in our town gathered on the Battle Green to stand together in the face of hatred.  They have asked us to pray this prayer in our faith community.  Would you take a moment to read these words, allow them to settle into your thoughts and even into your heart?  Would you take a moment to send out some loving and positive energy to all those who experience oppression within our community?  Would you copy these words and send them to your friends in town, helping us to make a network of love in the name of justice?
May our beloved town of Lexington 
(and all the towns in which we reside)
Be cured of the virus of hatred.
May our homes be beacons of compassion and generosity.
May all our children grow up in safety
And flourish as they become their best selves
May our schools and parks and streets be signs of hospitality and welcome neighbors and newcomers with genuine care;
And may the people who call Lexington home, 
those who work and study and worship here,
A community rich in tradition, language and conviction
share generously and learn eagerly from one another.
And let us say: Amen.