Help First Parish Celebrate the 325th Year of the Congregation

We’ve been together for 325 years!  First Parish is planning a celebration on Sunday afternoon December 3rd, for the congregation and for the wider Lexington community, to celebrate this occasion. The event will feature a dramatic presentation by Don Cohen of the creation of the church body and of our covenant. It may also include period music, bell-ringing, a procession, our first Communion tankards, and a 17th-century (modified!) lunch. Please put this event on your calendar.

The month of November will provide other opportunities to celebrate the existence of the congregation. Programs being considered are art and document exhibits featuring FP history; a Thursday evening adult education series on UU history; related projects for children and youth; the creation of a model of our first church building (even as we begin congregation-wide discussion of our capital campaign for a building that meets our developing needs); and outside speakers.

The 325th Celebration Committee is working with the History Committee and with Lexington historians such as Richard Kollen, Sam Doran, and Charlie Bowen to research the period in which the church and town were founded.

We are looking for volunteers for all aspects of these events. Please contact Helen Cohen if you are interested ( or any member of the committee.

Our next meeting is on Wednesday, August 2, at 1:00pm, in Rev. Anne Mason’s office. Whether or not you can make that meeting, you can join in the fun and in helping us to reflect on the meaning of becoming a church at any time in the next months. Thank you!

The 325th Celebration Committee: Helen Cohen, The Rev. Anne Mason, Dan Fenn, Bill Smith, and Don Cohen